Merpati Nusantara airlines

Have capital to Rp10 million and six aircraft, Merpati Nusantara Airlines started its business as air bridges that connect remote areas in Kalimantan. Since its establishment, on 6 September 1962, until now, the tidal Merpati. "Bridges Air Nusantara". of the mission is not very easy.

Merpati "birth" based on Government Regulation (PP) No.19 of 1962 set the company's state and regional air transportation flight versatile Merpati Nusantara, which is also called PN Merpati Nusantara. State-owned companies has a business field, including providing air transportation in these areas and the flight versatile and promote all things related to air transportation in the sense of the word-width. The purpose and objective is to build in order to participate in the national economy air transportation sector with the interests of the people.

Initially, Merpati has a fleet of de Havilland types of units and four Otter/DHC-3 Dakota DC-3 two-unit, which is a grant from the plane, Air Force of the Republic of Indonesia (TNI AU). When it is known, initial capital company be a number of old money rupiah Rp10 million. The pilot and engineers dipasok from AURI, Garuda Indonesia (Garuda Indonesia Airways first), and other civil aviation companies.

As the main director, was appointed commodore Air Sutoyo Adiputro Henk (1962-1966), who supervise 17 personnel. Several months later, in 1963, spread to Merpati flight to Kalimantan, then dove to add routes to its other, namely: Jakarta-Semarang, Jakarta-Tanjung Karang, and Jakarta-Balikpapan.

1964, Merpati accept surrender all rights and concessions operations, and aircraft ownership a number of former Dutch company NV de Kroonduif from Garuda. , This is done, the reason Garuda are developing activities to become the national flag carrier and internationally. Aircraft grants are three DC-3 Dakota, two Twin Otter and a Beaver. With the fleet of 12 aircraft, Merpati start to grow. Penerbangannya start away to Papua (Irian Jaya), Bali, and Nusa Tenggara.

Along with growth, Merpati need to look to strengthen armadanya with the additional three Dornier DO-28 and six Pilate Porter PC-6. However, some aircraft that previously could not have operated so effectively Merpati 15 fleet of aircraft. Merpati is the number of employees increased, a 583 employees.

Government mission

Background to the establishment Merpati is mengemban tasks and missions of government. However, since 1966, began to commercialize Merpati themselves, under the Dirut Capt. R.B. Wibisono (1966-1967). At this time also, the company expanded its operations in Papua and to buy three aircraft Pilate Porter. Its mission, a flight-aviation pioneer, still running. Merpati also received assistance from three Twin Otter UN.

During the First Air Marsekal Santoro Suharto (1967-1975), looks likely to Merpati independent. Thus, the local government to reduce operating subsidies pioneering flight. However, it turns out, cause a reduction in subsidies is a significant financial problems because of unsafe commercial flight has not been dogged with operate.

The government also hands down again, gave him the concession to participate in the flight distance (trunk operation), the distance are (semi-trunk), and a short distance (federline operation). To support the operation, Merpati add to the fleet of seven DC-3 Dakota, purchased from Australia and Garuda. Airplanes used to fly this route-the route in the area of East Nusa Tenggara left Garuda. Meanwhile, the flight distance and held on the new medium in 1970.

In order to improve efficiency of production, and run the three groups of channels niaganya, Merpati increase the fleet with four Vickers Viscount 828, three YS-11, and two HS-748. Some of the airplanes that fly this route there are international, such as Pontianak-Kuching (Serawak, Malaysia) and Jakarta-Singapore. Under the same Santoso, Merpati establish cooperation with a number of national companies and international flights. Merpati submit all of its planes Dakota to PT Suryadirgantara, operated for the joint. In addition, the increase in service and business performance, Merpati cooperation with a number of foreign airlines, such as Japan Air Lines, Airway7s Qantas, Thai Airways International, Lufthansa, Olimpic Airways, Trans Australia Airlines, and China Airlines. It is a cooperation agreement in the form of ticketing. By using the Merpati tickets, passengers can fly with foreign airlines.

1972, two Vickers Vanguard fleet Merpati strengthen again. Region also increased its operations to Kuala Lumpur and Darwin. Merpati also help the two Twin Otter from the Government of Canada. At that time, Merpati operates 32 aircraft fleet, including four Vicker Viscount, four YS-11, eight Pilate PC-6, three Dornier Do-28, seven Pilate Porter, three DHC-6 Twin Otter, the DHC-3 Otter, and two Vanguard.

Step-step business Santoso, who then manage the Seulawah airlines to join the Mandala Mandala Airlines is now so, proceed Marsekal Sumardi Ramli Muda Air (1975-1978). Merpati has 37 aircraft, consisting of four DC-3 Dakota, the four Twin Otter, two Fokker F-27, two HS-748, five YS-11, five VC-8, and three VC-9, fly to 97 cities in 19 provinces. Airplanes that have previously, some are no longer operating. Merpati also operate the aircraft BAC-111 and B707 for the wholesale flight (charter) international, the fly-Denpasar, Manila and Los Angeles, United States-Denpasar, which terminated in 1979.

In 1978, exit PP, affecting history Merpati, the regulation number 30/1978, which essentially requires that the capital Merpati switch to Garuda Indonesia. Merpati is a subsidiary of Garuda, the airlines still pioneering, cross borders, transmigration, bulk of tourists, goods and transportation, and other businesses. Pattern operation Merpati flight was arranged jaraingan on all domestic flights, in an integrated and co-exist with Garuda.

Aviation pioneer is a big challenge but glorious for Merpati. However, in the run, Merpati flight to include a number of private companies. As PT SMAC to serve North Sumatra and Central Java, since 1978, with the DAS for PT Kalimantan region (since 1979), with PT Deraya in Kalimantan (since 1988), with PT Indoavia in Maluku (since 1988), and with PT Asahi Mantrust in East Kalimantan.

PP post-discharge, the year 1979, Dirut Garuda Wiweko Soepono shall appoint RAJLumenta (1979-1983) as the main director. By applying a strict management system and effective, Lumenta Merpati to bring for the better. He also convince the government to provide fresh funds of 18 million U.S. dollars, to modernize the fleet.

Lumenta that first voice that Merpati the losers, even toward bankruptcy. Therefore, a subsidiary of Garuda was considered the most strategic, is when. Lumenta, which is "the Garuda, Merpati also manage the style of management of Garuda, especially in the plan penerbangannya

Progress began to be seen, when in 1980, Merpati obtain additional 14-NC 212 from the government. Then, added to the purchase of four aircraft used aircraft and six new species of the same. In addition, Hanggar-Hanggar maintenance of aircraft is built in Makassar and Manado. There is a place of the plane, the initial success of the Merpati operates in the Eastern region.

Several months in 1983, led by J. Merpati Soekardjo. Because of the short period of occupation, he was rarely called-call. Then, on 10 November 1983, he replaced Soeratman (1983-1989).

At the time Soeratman, Merpati obtain two grants Aircraft L-100 Hercules from the Pelita Air Service, 1986. Merpati also open the Kupang-Darwin flight using the HS-748, which is then replaced with the F-28.

25 June 1986, signed a contract of purchase Merpati 15 CN-235 from IPTN, when Indonesia Air Show (IAS) is the first in the former Kemayoran Airport, Jakarta. Delivery of the first plane was initially the result of the cooperation and CASA IPTN held that only the end of the year also.

In May 1989, have re-shoots change leader Merpati. This time shift Capt. F. H. Sumolang (1989 - [1992]]) this step as a point of departure the realization of full integration or operation integrated into Merpati Garuda Indonesia Group. Merpati defined as a Garuda flight operations at the domestic level. A number of the fleet was transferred to Garuda Merpati, among others, six F-28 Mk.3000, 22 F-28 Mk. 4000, and nine DC-9.

Times "flaming" in the body Merpati still in progress. Ridwan Fataruddin (1992-1995) that replaced Sumolang, should be dealing with the problem of pilot shortages, following a recall of the fleet Garuda Merpati body. Potential pilot program to allow Australia and New Zealand the new run, can not overcome the lack of it. Despite the latter day, post-separation Merpati, Garuda, the problem this reveals the pilot again.

Plan again with the separation of the Garuda cause many of the problems that hindered the operation Merpati. Moreover, a separation that also provide an opportunity to fly on Garuda-route domestic routes, which had previously also diterbangi Merpati. Garuda and Merpati also compete in the same market. Increasingly tight competition because several private companies also participate in increasing the frequency of the same route.

At that time, Merpati opportunity to add the fleet, with the Fokker-100, the order Garuda diverted, and B737-200. Also operates a fleet of 86 aircraft to be, although still not sufficient to fly 466 routes in more than 130 cities.

The problem is more open, even if it had never disclosed such as now. The issues are impacting the accuracy of the flight schedule (OTP, on time performace) of the lower. Low level of OTP is exactly the lower image in the eyes Merpati customers.

The decrease in performance, such as many types of aircraft assets. Merpati when it has 8 different types of aircraft, the Fokker-100, B737-200, Fokker-28, ATP, Fokker-27, CN-235, NC-212, and the Twin Otter. Not to mention the many who need care so that the lower utilisasinya. Merpati also heard "losers".

Permasalah that occur between mutually related with each other. For example, renting a plane full mark up, rent a plane that is not feasible, and various other irregularities. In fact, it is said, almost all transactions that occur do not support measures to bring the company to be healthy.

However, Merpati must be ready to face the existing conditions. The separation of the Garuda, the end of 1996, Merpati seeks independence, among other ways with more mengefisienkan themselves and improve the performance of the company. But all of that has not work out as expected, such as can not solve the problem of capital and perestruktiurisasian in the body of the company. Also increase the losses to Rp135 billion, a decrease in performance with the services that its customers are often disappointing.

Budiarto Subroto Director (1995-1999) working to find improvements to the slit cut routes that are not profitable. At that time, 34 pioneering routes in Maluku, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, and Sulawesi, which is usually diterbangi NC-212, and six other routes in Papua, trimmed the number of frequency bands and closed, even though Route 28 is still a pioneer. At that time, Merpati more re-route a pioneer.

At that time, with Merpati "dare" bring A310 and A300-600 to explore international routes to Australia. Aviation is a debt that is not small. Not to mention the issue of aircraft that ATP is no longer suitable so that the grounded aircraft, even though still have to pay rent. The Tristar, to replace the A310, and Bae-146-100, the operation only "fleeting."

Losses are never "go." In the first semester of 1997, for example, the loss reaches size is around Rp40, 1 billion. The terpuruk in the second semester of 1997, when the crisis began. Merpati is a debt greater than their assets.

Based on the analysis of the flight observer mentions that in 1998, Merpati asset value has reached over Rp 830 billion under the debt, not make Merpati "bankrupt". Early 1999, Wahyu Hidayat jajarannya and "ordered" to membenahinya.

Slap a new director is quite convincing. Merpati start operating performance. Such as, the level of flight safety and the higher the OTP (On Time Performance) spread slowly rise. With the slogan "Get The Feeling", Merpati update start with the serious. 1999, announced that Merpati reach operating profit, the second after 1992.

However, the challenges and increasingly complex threats. Outside, the more stringent competition. In addition to pop the new private airlines, Garuda is the presence in the domestic drive.

Merpati Nusantara Airlines fleet on 1 January 2009 consisted of:

* 3 Boeing 737-200
* 5 Boeing 737-300
* 3 Fokker 100
* 5 Boeing 737-400
* 1 Fokker 27
* 2 CN-235
* 3 Cassa C212
* 5 DHC-6
* 2 MA-60 {15 on order from XIAN AIRCRAFT}

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