Russian combat jet crash, pilot killed

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MOSCOW - MI: One pilot killed and one civilian injured due to two-jet combat a group of elite Russian air show crash while doing exercises outside Moscow, Sunday (16 / 8).

Two Su-27 jet dropped a pound housing complex after a vacation in the air crash near the city of Zhukovsky flight training time for the air show team in the Russian Knights sky Max exhibition, which began on Tuesday (18 / 8).

Russia seeks to make Max, which opened in Zhukovsky next weekend and will be witnessed by tens of thousands of guests, to be an exhibition flight international air and the main event and the achievement of agreements.

A parlormaid air force commander announced that the pilot survived the jump but then said to the Interfax news agency that the pilot died.

Media, said three homes burned due to the fall of two aircraft in the village Belozerikha.

Interfax quoted a local police source said, a woman burns and taken to the hospital. According to news agency Ria, five of injuries in the incident. Officials could not be contacted to confirm they are asked about it.

Meanwhile in another incident, a student pilot and a civilian instructor, died when the plane turboprop Yak-52 they fell in Kaluga region, central Russia, said the offices to the local news.

RI and the EU sign air service agreement

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RI and the EU sign air service agreement
by: Zico Ramadhan

JAKARTA: the signer Dephub horizontal agreement with the EU following a dikeluarkanya four national airlines from the list of black fly EU restrictions.

The four airlines are namely Garuda Indonesia, Mandala Airlines, Indonesia Airfast and Premiair. Head of Public Communication Center Dephub Bambang S. Ervan said the agreement to adjust a number of provisions in the agreement on air transport between Indonesia and the 27 EU member countries.

On 17 August in Brussels [Belgium] has conducted initial agreement on certain other aspects of air service between India and the European Commission, said today.

According to him, horizontal agreement signed by Director General of Air Transportation Herry Bakti S. Gumay with EU transport officials Gilles Gantelet.

Bambang continue the agreement that is an important step to strengthen relations and the flight traffic Indonesia-EU air. Indonesia, have a covenant relationship with the air 17 EU member countries that signed the bilateral.

With the new agreement, he was emphatic, a number of bilateral arrangements will with EU regulations. A number of articles that , among others, the rights antarnegara transport flight, safety, taxes, fuel and aircraft airlines competition rules.

How Digital Cameras Work

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When we know the image in the camera, then during the shooting we can imagine and will take into account such as what the display or output of objects that will be left.

In camera

At the time we press SHUTTER button, the camera is going in stages to process the images. Although only feel only a glimpse, but the stages in the digital camera is quite long. However, the process was very fast. Here is a description of the process:

Lens captures the image, then forwarded to the panel trap image. Catcher or normal image sensor called a CCD-also functions as a view-finder to send the image to the LCD. While the DSLR camera, the image also miss the reflection mirror to reflect the image window to intip (eye finder).
Image by the lens, be missed on the color filter, which then will be arrested by the CCD or image sensor. The distance between the lens and the sensor is known with the term focal length. Distance is also a factor that will be the multiplier on the lens.
CCD is the task of the analog signal (the image captured by the lens) into electrical signals. In the CCD this point there are millions of sensors, known as pixels. Term or so pixels in megapixel digital cameras actually refer to the number of dots on this sensor. The small sensor point and the more sensornya, the fine and the higher resolution image that is produced.
Image captured by the CCD sensor forwarded to the processing of its duty to process the image data from all CCD sensor data into a digital image file format, compression, and the process according to the selected image format (RAW, JPEG, etc.). In this section in addition to a role of the chipset, software (firmware) from the camera that also determine the final image. Second part is what will determine the character of the digital camera. That is, they each have the camera software and its own chipset on their camera.
The last process is to send the image files in the selected format to the storage (storage) or memory card. Typically, a memory card SD, CF, and so forth.
Adlaah next stages of the process is done outside the camera. However, in the modern digital camera, still provides the option of printing directly called PictBridge, ExifPrint and so forth.

Thus the image on a digital camera. However, the stages are only basic or foundation of almost all digital cameras. In some brand digital cameras, usually still add a few processes to improve picture quality, including the addition of features on casement or application software.


Additional features include a function to the level of the software more often we see, for example, the addition of photo frames, photo effects like sephia, black and white etc.. Although these effects are only as extra, but it sometimes helps to reduce the image at the time of printing.

Some additional features that are very useful backlight, which is taking the distance the object light, white balance, introducing photography to face anti-oscillation model and the camera on each term has a different, such as anti-shake, Mega OIS, VR (Vibration Reduction), Super Steady shot, and so forth.

Some consumer-class cameras are even equipped with a program that automatically set the shooting for a special event such as fireworks, night shooting, outdoor, indoor, and sport.

In addition to understanding the composition and photography techniques, the device is the most important part of portraiture. For a photographer, they are loyal to one particular bit is because many of the control of the camera, other than the character of the camera also determine.

So, if you want to find the best camera, then you are actually looking for a camera to match your character and habits. So believe in yourself, because the end result yet you also specify that.

Merpati Discover The Past

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Jayapura - The SAR Merpati Twin Otter, on Tuesday (4 / 8) pukul 06.25 WIT, to find the point the plane fall. Pilot captain Erick from AMA only see the tail Merpati was unlucky.

According to the SAR Coordinator Colonel (GNI) Suwandi Miharja, aircraft found in the area of Papua Ampisibil Star Mountain, about 3 nm from Oksibil, capital of the Mountain Bintang.Pesawat in the height of 9300 feet with a visible tail plane. SAR team of 22 people who have been prepared for evacuation using a heli Kamov and one Twin Otter aircraft.

Unfortunately due to thick fog, the plane detained in Oksibil awaiting improved weather tomorrow Wednesday. Nahas MZ9760D aircraft with flight Qadrianova and technicians plus kopilot Pramudya Supriadi bring 12 passengers.

Aircraft Twin Otter Merpati Nusantara Airlines Lost

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Jayapura - Planes Merpati De Heavilland Canada 6 [Twin Otter] type was reported missing. Aircraft beregistrasi PK-NVC from Sentani airport to airport Oksibil Mountain Stars take off at 10:15 and should WIT until 11:05 at WIT. However, the plane lost contact at 10:28 WIT 53 nm on the distance from the Sentani carrying passengers 11 adults, 2 children, and 3 kru.

Director of Operations of PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines Nikmatullah Captain said, his side are still working to find the impression that the plane lost in Papua. "We immediately call up the plane to search for similar aircraft in the path that some may be in route-Oksibil Jayapura (capital of the Star Mountains District)," he said. Flight made the plane was the unlucky flight routine Papua Oksibil airlines served twice a day.

He said that, there are no technical obstacles were reported. The aircraft was conducting routine before flying, and fuel was still met for 3.5 hours even though the flight routes are just 55 minutes.

The names of passengers Merpati MZ 97600 Destination Oksibil:

1.Cp.Qodrianova (Pilot)
2.Fo.Pramudya (Co Pilot)
3. Supiadi / mr (Technician)



Quantum Leap program, Garuda chase each Profit Rp 3.7 Trillion

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Airlines Garuda Indonesia is targeting net profit increased many-fold in five years. Program quantum leap that proclaimed the plane with as many as 116 units to achieve the target net profit Rp 3.7 trillion.

Director Garuda Emirsyah Satar said the ceremony at the Garuda office in the area of Soekarno Hatta Airport, Cengkareng, Banten, on Thursday (23 / 7). Steps have been prepared to achieve that target, said Emirsyah.

Development of a Garuda akan do is increase the quantity of the fleet. When the number of aircraft at this time as many as 62 units, then during the next five years to gradually added into 112 units. Improvement of the plane, he said, will also increase flight routes from 41 destinations that have become current 62 destinations. The target number of passengers that currently as many as 10.1 million passengers to be 27 million in 2014.

Emirsyah asserted, the target can be reached at this time because the Garuda has been able to change the company's loss, which is always a hit. Mentioned, in 2004, airlines are still state-owned loss of Rp 811 billion. However, slowly began to hit and in 2009 net profit reached Rp 669 billion.

Quantum leap akan supported the order of planes such as Airbus A330-art, Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 777 NG ER. In addition to flying in the distance, passengers will be given adequate facilities to comfortably and safely on the plane, he said.

Facilities for business passengers Garuda, he said, is the same as the foreign airlines that have been advanced over the first seat of each aircraft is provided a television screen can rotate 24 film titles, 12 television channels and 20 interactive video games.

History Of Adam Airlines

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Adam Air (official name: PT. Adam SkyConnection Airlines) is a berbiaya cheap airline based in Indonesia. For international routes, the Adam Air flight to Singapore and Penang (Malaysia). The airline was founded by Sandra Ang and Agung Laksono, who also served as Chairman of the House of Representatives, and began operating on 19 December 2003 with the inaugural flight to Balikpapan. At the beginning of the Adam Air operates two Boeing 737-200 rented. When first launched, Adam Air claimed that they use the "new Boeing 737-400" Boeing aircraft that although they are actually rented that has been aged more than 15 years. Boeing 737-400 has stopped production for several years.

On 9 November 2006, Adam Air to receive the award of Merit Award in the Category Low Cost Airline of the Year 2006 in the 3rd Annual Asia Pacific and Middle East Aviation Outlook Summit in Singapore.

After many incidents and accidents that befall airlines-airlines in Indonesia, the Indonesian government pemeringkatan make-up airlines are airlines. Pemeringkatan of the results announced on 22 March 2007, Adam Air is in the third rank, which means only meet the minimum safety requirements and there are still some requirements that have not been implemented, and potentially reduce the level of flight safety. As a result of Adam Air obtain administrative sanctions that will be reviewed again every 3 months. When there is no improvement with the performance of their Air Operator Certificate / AOC they can be frozen.

In April 2007, PT. Bhakti Investama via subsidiaries Global Air Transport to buy 50% share of the family of Adam Air and Sandra Ang Adam Suherman, but a year later on 14 March 2008 interesting sahamnya all because of Adam Air was not to make improvements to the level of safety and lack of transparency. Operational activities of Adam Air and stopped since 17 March 2008 and will proceed if there are new investors who are willing menalangi 50 percent of shares are being Bhakti Investama.

On 18 March 2008, or permission to fly Adam Air Operation Specification revoked through the Department of Transportation letter AU/1724/DSKU/0862/2008 numbered. The contents stated that Adam Air is not allowed to fly again pesawatnya effective start at 00.00 on March 19, 2008. While the AOC (Aircraft Operator Certificate) is also threatened when revoked in 3 months there is no improvement.

Up to now the fate of Adam and water its employees not now jelas.hingga route-route bakas in its auction with other airlines because the airlines consider another route-the route the rest of the fleet they are padat.seperti his leave so that the course, Adam Air's fleet is now much that is not used and put in at Airport Soekarno-Hatta airport Like, Hang Nadim Hussein and again Satranegara.dan Merpati airlines Renting a former Adam Air's fleet.


An Adam Air plane

Adam Air's fleet is active per September 2007 consisting of:

* 5 Boeing 737-200
* 6 Boeing 737-300
* 11 Boeing 737-400
* 1 Boeing 737-500

The average age of Adam Air's fleet is 18.5 years.